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Our Mission & Vision

Executive Director David Davis was the primary caregiver for this mother, who lived with Alzheimer’s for eleven years. Before founding The Memory Care Alliance in February of 2017, he was the Santa Fe Regional Manager for the Alzheimer’s Association of New Mexico.

He has written numerous articles about Alzheimer’s related care, and presents educational programs in our community on a regular basis. He also developed and wrote “Prepare to Care”, an eight hour caregiver education program presented over four weeks. It is the core educational program for The Memory Care Alliance and provides caregivers with the education, compassion and empowerment needed to successfully travel through their journey of caring for someone with Alzheimer’s.

"I practice what I preach". He continues to provide in-home care for individuals living with Alzheimer's when he is able, as well as providing hospice care at Casa Cielo, Santa Fe's only hospice house.

David is an Eagle Scout and was the recipient of A Gold Congressional Award for his leadership and community service.

David currently serves as President of the Santa Fe Healthcare Network, a local group of business professionals who provide various services to the Santa Fe elder community.

“The Memory Care Alliance’s success can be found in one word: community. We find the education, compassion and empowerment we need in each other”. 

David Davis
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Our Mission 

To provide ongoing education and support to families impacted by Alzheimer’s and dementia, replacing social stigmas with compassionate understanding, and a vision for life after diagnosis.

Our Vision 

The Memory Care Alliance is pushing to remove social stigmas around Alzheimer’s, and related dementias, create a society where families and their loved ones can access comprehensive information, education and services in a safe and supportive way on their quest to live meaningful and dignified lives.

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David Davis - Executive Director

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Dori and Tom
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