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The Memory Care Alliance is fortunate to have wonderful community partners in Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico. If you are interested in joining our cause in supporting people, family and friends living with Alzheimer’s and other similar problems, please give us a call at 505-310-5792.

Featured below are our community partners:

The mission of the New Mexico Community Foundation is to steward resources, build partnerships, and create opportunities that transform lives and communities throughout New Mexico. NMCF offers a range of programs, from nonprofit capacity building to educational scholarship funds to support for women and girls.

Featured below are our community partners:

An estimated 43,000 New Mexicans suffer from Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia. The Memory and Aging Center was created in 2016 under the direction of Gary Rosenberg, MD, to specifically help patients with various types of neurologic conditions that affect cognition and behavior, with an emphasis on disorders that affect older individuals. We are the only center devoted to Alzheimer’s and dementia research and treatment in New Mexico or the Mountain West region.

Vista Living Care comprises three homes in the state of New Mexico: two in Santa Fe (Sierra Vista and Vista Hermosa) and one in Las Cruces (Arbors). We maintain our leadership status in memory care with our cutting-edge model–internationally recognized as a superior, unique design for this special population. Honoring the whole person, we remember their past with the wisdom to understand their present. “Dementia is our business, our only business!” is another one of our mottoes.

Family caregivers of Alzheimer’s and other dementias, please join Caregiver Wellness Retreat for one of their full day retreat focused on caring for the caregiver that offers techniques to reduce stress and create a home self-care practice.

Our retreats include mindfulness, meditation, gentle movement, music, art, horticultural therapies and other powerful wellness tools to help you revive and renew your own plan for wellness as the family caregiver.

We welcome professional caregivers on a limited basis. If you are interested in enrolling your paid facility caregivers, we kindly ask that you send a maximum of two. Upon request, we can supplement what they learn after the retreat by coming to your facility and offering a wellness workshop— either fee-based or by donation on a sliding scale. We value and understand how imperative it is for all caregivers to receive this kind of care.

Sponsor of our Annual "Use It Or Lose It Trivia Night

There are many reasons why Montecito Santa Fe is a well-respected community for seniors. First, its location is unbeatable.


Santa Fe boasts a picturesque environment, inviting calmness and peace of mind for the residents. Aside from that, the community itself is designed for senior living. Whether you want to remain independent or you need assistance at some point, this place is the ultimate choice.

Another reason why you should pick Montecito is that it provides the care you need round the clock. Those who require assistance should be picky when it comes to the place where they will retire. You should never settle for a community or facility that does not tailor its services to your unique needs.

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